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Artist Statement

For the past ten years my work has explored the relationships between music, language, and mathematics. I am interested in how we seamlessly move between these varied systems with almost very little effort. There seems to be some underlying pattern that ties these (and possibly all systems) together.

These systems often manifest themselves in manufactured spaces (both physical and ephemeral). My collages, paintings, prints, drawings, and artist books investigate the way we segment the spaces we encounter—whether they are audio, visual, or conceptual. The idea of dividing areas into harmonic proportions has been a tool of the artist for millennia, but seems ever more relevant today. Just as we communicate with a variety of systems, we also live and work within spaces that have been ordered, divided, and rearranged whether to satisfy utilitarian or aesthetic needs.

These pieces should not be interpreted as an articulation of any real identifiable place. But they are meant to invoke a sense of the intuitive and harmonious relationships that are created as we arrange, and are simultaneously arranged by, the spaces we inhabit.


© 2009 Dennis Applebee